ViMaCs: Virtual Master Cooperation Data Science

Project – ID: 57513461

The project aims to build a virtual learning and lab infrastructure for a digital teaching and module portfolio in the field of „Data Science„. The idea of the project is to embed three Ukrainian partner universities to a virtual master network with the FH Dortmund and its European partners.

Project Scope

  • Establish new model of a „Digital Education Ecosystem (DEE)“ for Ukraine

Project Goals

  • Development of the consortium activities of the ViMaCs;
  • Development of four cross-border Master-Level-Modules for training in the framework of Data Science;
  • Joint organisation of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter Schools as cross-border courses;
  • Development and implementation of a digital infrastructure for joint teaching, learning and virtual mobility of students and staff;
  • Exchange of students, lecturers and staff between the partners.

Project Activities

ViMaCs Project has several activities for realisation of the project.

Project Events

For testing the developed modules (Pilot Teaching) several events are considered to be held.

Project News

Check out our latest news in the frame of the project.


Funded by:

Project Activities

Development of the Data Science Learning Modules:

  • Business Intelligence and Decision Making
  • Data Acquisition and Processing
  • Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics
  • Cloud Based Data Processing Systems

Implementation of the IT cluster with the focus on:

  • collection and processing of business data and on data-based decision-making.
  • collection of technical data and the processing of large amounts of data.
  • on artificial intelligence and neural networks, e.g. for biomedical data

Pilot Teaching in form of: 

  • Winter School
  • Spring School
  • Summer School
  • Autumn School

Development of the training programme: 

  • eLearning module „ViMaCs Train-the-Trainer“ for Didactics and
  • eLearning module „ViMaCs IT Infrastructure“ for university staff

Development of the advisory services: 

  • Student Journey Configurator
  • Mobility Planner
  • Project Events

    We provide Bachelor, Master and PhD students with an opportunity to participate in the Pilot Teaching that is realised in the form of four Schools, each in a different location:

    • Spring School (at KNUCA, Kyiv)
    • Summer School (at FH Dortmund)
    • Autumn School (at WUNU, Ternopil)
    • Winter School (at NU-ZP, Zaporizhzhia)

    Upcoming Event: Spring School (date: to be defined)

    Project News

    ViMaCs Winter School (online)

    07.12.2020 – 11.12.2020
    Organised by FH Dortmund, Germany
    ViMaCs project

    Online Winter School addressed Master Students from FH Dortmund, NU-ZP, WUNU and KNUCA and covered such topics as:

    • Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics
    • Business Intelligence and Decision Making
    • Cloud Based Data Processing Systems
    • Data Acquisition and Processing.

    The teaching of the 4 modules (Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics, Business Intelligence and Decision Making, Cloud Based Data Processing Systems and Data Acquisition and Processing) was combined and presented during 5 full days of the block week. Each module was presented for approximately 7 hours. 11 teachers and professors from all 4 universities have lectured for the 24 registered students and 6 academic staff (attendant as listeners).


    Main focus in the project: Business Intelligence, Business Analytics, and Decision Making

    Main focus in the project: Data Acquisition and Data Processing

    Main focus in the project: Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence